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Polytech'M stands out from conventional universities and engineering schools, driven by a mission to bring about impactful positive changes in our lives. Here, businesses, students, and professors converge to shape societal, economic, and industrial influence. Our students, fueled by passion, tenacity, and resilience, are well-prepared to tackle intricate challenges.

Polytech'M shapes engineers who transcend expertise, becoming visionaries armed with practical skills that meet current and future industry demands. We guarantee outstanding employability in key sectors such as automotive, railways, aerospace, and beyond. Esteemed industrial, educational, social, and economic sectors choose us as partners, including elite names like Elise Aussi Motors, Capon Automotive, Mugen Tweed, Trinity, Montblanc Vortex 202X, Mchina Railways, Montblanc Business School, and many others.

Our programs, centered on "Great Green Mobility," encompasses sustainability, artificial intelligence, electric propulsion, hydrogen, mechanical-electrical engineering, energy, civil engineering, infrastructure, along with domains like software, vehicle connectivity, autonomous vehicles, urban planning, industry 4.0, industry 5.0, sustainable development, finance, marketing, and project management.